sensitive company documents

VDR ability to provide secure storage for sensitive company documents

The virtual data room provider is an important tool for obtaining an objective view of the current state of the company, identifying “hidden” risks, and determining the possibility of reducing or eliminating them. Check the VDR’s ability to provide secure storage for sensitive company documents in the article below.

Why Should You Choose the Virtual Data Room Over the Other Business Solutions?

In the past, information technology has been viewed as a support structure and cost center in many organizations. IT departments have often been largely separated from business users, and interactions are limited to a request-response model in which business resources and responses are responded to. When research is conducted by multiple people, multiple tools are often used and, as a result, multiple ways of storing data. Before starting to collect data, teams must decide which tools to use to avoid being stored in multiple locations and thus be able to manage the risks associated with data leakage.

A data room electronic document management system that can be found at is a set of computer programs or a computer system that stores and tracks electronic documents, and images (scan copies) of paper documents. Such systems can also search, form a document flow structure, store different versions of a document, and mark it with metadata (a brief description of the document’s content) and security settings (restriction of access to the document).

The key difference between virtual data rooms from other solutions offering cloud storage for documents is the ability to administer your own workspace. In addition, within the period of use, it is possible to conduct examinations to find sources of leaks on fragments of marked copies of documents. After the expiration of the license, the period of storage of all documents will be one month. If necessary, this period can be changed.

How to Provide a Secure Storage of Documents with the VDR Ability?

With the data room providers, organizations are better prepared for disasters and can be back up and running in minutes instead of hours or even days. It is also important that the VDR is much cheaper and more efficient than the traditional approach with additional data centers, hardware, software, and staff costs.

Your VDR becomes a repository for various types of documents, saving them in case you need them in the future. Not only do you control who has access to a particular document, but you also keep your information private and secure. The VDR’s ability to provide secure storage for sensitive company documents is implemented in the next aspects:

  • access to files is controlled by encrypting documents when opening and downloading;
  • access rights can be revoked even when the document has already been downloaded;
  • you can add a watermark to your document, which will be displayed when you view, print, or download it;
  • personalize watermarks by adding username, IP address, time, and date of document access.

As a rule, a virtual data room allows you to either avoid hiring additional workforce, for example, in accounting or reduce the existing staff. It should be understood that with an increase in the speed of the work of employees, you minimize the number of errors made, which is a paradox from a physiological point of view and a complete reality from the side of VDR solutions business solutions.